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Elijah House Keynote Lessons

We're nearing the end of our Healing Trauma teaching series & will start the Keynote lessons on the 26th June.

Biblical Basis of Elijah House prayer ministry God's laws & principles help effect sanctification & transformation in our lives. This lesson builds a scriptural foundation for salvation, with the cross of Christ, & His shed blood being the means to end our separation from God as well as to stop the sinful habits that plague our daily lives.

The laws upon which this ministry is based are: 

  • Law of judgement

  • Law of sowing & reaping

  • Law of increase

  • Law of honour

Bitter roots reveals the depth and power of bitter root judgment, the driving force behind the recurring patterns of trouble and/or destruction in our lives. The power of bitter roots comes from the unchangeable laws of God which cause us to reap in kind what we have sown. Bitter root judgments are far more powerful than bitter root expectancies. Judgments operate by God's laws, whereas repeated incidents form patterns of expectancy which operate only on the psychological level. Both judgments and expectancies rob us of the abundant life Jesus came to give us.

Bitter roots, how hearts of stone develop, how we see God through our trauma-tainted lenses & how in every area where we dishonour mom & dad things won't go well with us in adulthood.

Heart of Stone & Inner Vows discusses the condition of a heart of stone. We form hearts of stone early in childhood as a defence to pain, Hearts of stone give rise to and are further cemented by judgments, expectancies, and vows, making us the loneliest people in the world - even in the midst of friends. Our judgments will often give rise to determinations of the mind and heart called inner vows. We make inner vows in order to exert control over our lives, but like the bitter root judgments they are born from, they actually control and defile us and others.

How we See God teaches how in our infancy and childhood, mothers and fathers model a picture of God for us. By how they act and what they do, we "see" what God is like. We interpret each succeeding experience through the lens of judgments we have made and the expectations we have developed in response to what has gone before. If we have made many judgments, our views of life and God become distorted. By the time we reach adulthood, our minds may have been taught to believe in God's love and desire to bless, but our hearts say, "Oh, yeah? He's just like Dad (or Mum). "We are not capable of seeing life as it really is - experiences with our parents have given us "tinted spectacles" - until confession, repentance, forgiveness, death on the cross to the old way of seeing, and the gift of a new heart and mind enable us to see God clearly.

Honouring Father & Mother The law of honouring affects our lives powerfully and completely. For prayer ministers, the absolute reliability of God's law is protection against deception (Hebrews 4:12). Through the Holy Spirit and the Word, we help people recognise the excuses, rationalisations and smoke- screens they use to justify sin We honour, not for what he/she did but for he/she is!



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