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If you have a heart for making people feel welcome, please consider joining this team to help make visitors feel welcome, please sign up here & we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


3 March 2024






After the Morning Service


30 minutes

About the Ministry:

Without a church welcome center, newcomers may feel out of place. Feeling out of place as the new visitor at a church can cause more anxiety than people think. This is unfortunate because churches should have the warmest welcome for visitors. After all, the local church exists to benefit their communities.

果教会没有一个核心团队来联系新访客,新访客可能会感到格格不入。 这种格格不入的感觉非常关键,它可能包含的焦虑是他人无法想象的!所以教会不能轻易看待,也应当让每个踏进MBCC的访客感受到最热烈的欢迎。 毕竟,地方教会的存在是为了造福社区。

Connect with purpose 有目的地联系 (they will feel belong to. 他们会有归属感。)

Be intentional about saying hello and goodbye 有意识地打招呼和说再见 (they will respond with a smile. 他们会微笑回应。)

1. The Core team members 核心团队成员

Begin with greetings, introduce yourself (Eye contact, a firm handshake, if appropriate initiate a “A” hug). 从问候开始,介绍自己(眼神交流、有力的握手,如果合适的话,给一个“A”拥抱)。

2. Listen and help out 倾听并提供帮助

Learn visitors' names and remember them.了解访客的名字并记住他们。

“Ask them questions and learn about the visitors to make them feel welcomed.向他们提出问题并了解访客,让他们感到受欢迎。

Look for common ground to discuss and help them to feel as if the visitors belong.寻找共同点进行讨论并帮助他们感受到访客的归属感。

Showing an interest in where they come from, what they‘re looking for, and who they are. “对他们来自哪里、他们有什么需要或协助以及他们是谁表现出兴趣。

3. Gather them to the “welcome booth”将他们聚集到“迎宾亭”

Some back-story about the history of the congregation can be interesting for new visitors, be friendly! 对于一些新访客来说,关于会众历史的背景故事可能会很有趣,保持友好!

Perhaps the most effective way to make a new visitor feel welcomed is to help them form bonds with regular members or introduce them to the relevant ministry. 也许让新访客感到受欢迎的最有效方法是帮助他们与其他会友建立联系, 或介绍适合的事工。

New visitors to a church should always meet the pastor before they leave. 教会的新访客应该在离开前与牧师会面。

4. Let visitors know how they can join without pressuring them to do so.让访问者知道如何加入而不强迫他们这样做。

Ask visitors if they're interested in information by asking questions and finding out what they're looking for.通过提出问题并找出他们正在寻找的内容来询问访问者是否对信息感兴趣。

Make them feel welcomed, but don‘t worry about selling them on the church.让他们感到受欢迎,而不是强迫来上教会。

Invite new visitors to church programs and events.邀请新访客参加教堂的节目和活动。

Get their contacts or give them connection card so they'll have a name in case they want to ask questions and learn more..获取他们的联系人或给他们联系卡,以便他们有一个名字,以便他们想问问题和了解更多信息。

5. Follow up.跟进

Submit gather information to The Core Team Signal.将收集信息提交给核心团队信号。

Send upcoming events, courses information.发送即将举行的活动、课程信息。

6. Closure结尾

Invite them MBCC quarterly new comers lunch.邀请他们参加 MBCC季度新人午餐会。

Encourage them to a life group that best suit them. 鼓励他们加入最适合他们的生活小组。

Recognize when to back off. “以退为进”

Be mindful and prayerful to recognize new visitors.以祷告和关爱来认识新访客。

Don’t take for granted that everyone drives. 不要理所当然地认为每个人都开车。

Don‘t make visitors introduce themselves first.不要让访客首先自我介绍。

Don’t forget to thank visitors for coming and invite them to return.不要忘记感谢访客的到来并表示期待他们再来。


John & Vyviane


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