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Membership Application

Becoming a member is not a sign or badge of achievement, but it does give you that feeling that you are part of something meaningful and special. Also, to vote on certain church decisions, you must be a member. There are certain leadership functions (like being on staff or in Eldership) that are only open to those who make this fundamental commitment.

Personal Information:

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Other Information:


We are compiling a maintenance preferred provider list from our membership in case assistance is required.

Please indicate if you have any expertise in these areas which you would be willing to assist.

Serving teams:

Serving others is one of the best paths to growth and belonging.  God loves you and wants you to grow and to belong and therefore He has uniquely gifted you to serve and do life with other followers of Jesus. We have many opportunities for you to serve our church community.

Would you like to join a serving / ministry team?
Please indicate which team you would like to serve on:

Life Group:

Life groups are at the core of what we do at MBCC. It is important to do life TOGETHER so we can encourage one and support each other.

Do you attend a life group?

If no, visit our Life Groups page to find a suitable group near you.

Thanks for submitting!
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