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Encounter EH 💔💕 5 Keynote A-School Lessons


July 17, 2024




10h00 & 18h30


3 hours

Introduction to Elijah House Prayer Ministries

Course Duration:

5 Weeks





About the Course

Every single one of us has been wounded, the question is have we allowed the Lord to heal us to the extent that those wounds are a testimony to what He can do in our lives & for others. If He can do it for me, He will do it for you if you're willing to let him into those areas of your lives. He's standing at the door knocking, waiting for us to allow Him to bring His love & peace into every room of our hearts. Until we heal, we will continue to see others through our trauma-tinted lenses, be triggered & bleed all over those around us. If we haven't healed, every time we are reminded of the negative event, our bodies produce the exact same chemicals it did when it happened thus you will keep reliving that experience until you heal. When we heal, we change & those around us will be positively affected.

Would you like to encounter Elijah House ministry & embark on a journey of healing & restoration?

I have permission to share these 5 keynote teachings from the Elijah House A-School to get you started:

    • Biblical Basics for Prayer Ministry

    • How We See God

    • Bitter Root Judgments

    • Hearts of Stone and Inner Vows

    • Honouring Mother and Father


  • To provide an introduction and pathway to continue full training at an official EHNZ training school.  

  • But, also to empower and release Elijah House graduates to share testimony, provide spaces for discipleship, healing, opportunities for ministry and building confidence. 

  • Opportunities will be available to receive prayer ministry after the lessons. However, we can only facilitate 1 person per session & would therefore require you to RSVP for 12h30 or 20h30 sessions to receive prayer ministry.


  • No manuals, handouts are provided so bring your notepad & pen.

  • It’s FREE with an opportunity for attendees to give a Koha for tissues/tea, biscuits.

  • Worship, food, fellowship, prayer or live demos as each graduate leader sees fit! 



Please use the "ENQUIRE" button above to register your interest if there's no "Book Now" link here below & we'll get back to you as soon as we have enough people to run a course.






I was born in Germany, raised in South Africa & currently reside in New Zealand, since July 2014. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Clive, since 31 October 1992. We have 2 boys, Jesse, aged 26 in June & Misha aged 21 in September. I rediscovered my creative abilities in September 2017 & tried my hand at painting in September 2019. I am a mixed-media artist who works in pencil and coloured pencils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and digital scrap-booking. As a faith-filled, life-speaking, fully devoted follower of Christ, my desire is to touch people’s hearts with the love of God & bring healing to the nations through creativity. Strong, gentle, fierce and compassionate, I create whimsical pieces that spread the message that God loves you, is there for you, and you’re never alone.

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