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The New Believers' Foundation Class is a study of the fundamental Bible doctrines, also touching on practical issues for the new Christian or anyone desiring to study basic Bible principles. It is a 15-week course that repeats continually throughout the year. You can join the group at any time. We meet every Sunday at 10:30 AM in the 7th-9th grade classroom at CC Westside. If you are a new believer or have recently recommitted your life to Jesus, please consider joining us. Here is a basic layout of the topics discussed throughout the class:

Week 1-Repentance and Faith
Week 2-Sin, Salvation and Forgiveness
Week 3-The Word of God, Part 1
Week 4-The Word of God, Part 2
Week 5-God the Father
Week 6-Jesus the Son
Week 7-Assurance
Week 8-Prayer
Week 9-Satan and Spiritual Warfare
Week 10-Putting Christ First
Week 11-Fellowship
Week 12-The Holy Spirit
Week 13-The Spirit-Filled Life, Part 1
Week 14-The Spirit-Filled Life, Part 2
Week 15-The Spirit-Filled Life, Part 3 (Worship and Tithing)

Download a copy of our New Believers' Foundation Class Booklet.

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