March 15, 2018

Preparing for Easter

“The Passover”

Exodus 12:21-30 & Luke 22:7-20


A number of years ago my late wife & I were travelling from Europe back to Hong Kong. We had a brief 3-day stop-over in Istanbul in Turkey. As we drove from the airport into...

January 10, 2018

Joke on gas men

Jesus came to earth not just to save people but to make disciples. Jesus’ heart is not just to save you and leave it as that – hoping you survive, struggling on your own through your Christian life, and living a miserable life.

No! He wants you to be a di...

January 10, 2018


We are living in one of the most strategic times in the course of human history. The Bible has much to say about the times of the end. We are living closer to the end of the age than any other generation before us. In fact, the last days or end times is one...

December 29, 2017

Many of you know I enjoy fishing. Here are two photos of my latest catches from the few opportunities I have had to fish this year!

If I was to ask myself why I like fishing, I would have to say it is because my father built his own boat at our house, and took me fishin...

December 29, 2017


Matthew 22:1-14

I guess most of you here have been to a wedding at some time in your lives and for many, of course, it was your own wedding. When we got married