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Distinctives & Values

Distinctives & Values

We are a multicultural congregation

MBCC is an intentionally multicultural evangelical Church. Our members come from about 20 different nations and include New Zealanders, Americans, British, Chinese, Cook Islanders, Koreans, Indians, Japanese, Malaysians, Romanians, South Africans, Singaporeans & Zimbabweans. Many of our members are new immigrants, the majority of whom are from various nations in Asia.


Our Vision

Our vision is: ​“Knowing Jesus more in my life, and making Him known to others.”


Make this part of your lifestyle

We encourage our members to make the following 4 values part of their lives:


1. "Embracing Biblical Community" and finding your place in the Body of Christ (the church)

2. "Knowing Jesus more intimately" by living a devoted and obedient life.

3. "Serving & encouraging others" by discovering and using your God-given gifts.

4. "Changing the world" by developing yourself as a leader & reaching out to the lost.


Family-oriented church

We are a church with many young families and lots of children.


Translation services

We provide translation into Chinese and Japanese (via headsets) for those who find English challenging.


Emphasis on God's Word

We place a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching and we desire to be open to everything that the Holy Spirit has for us as a people as we reach out to the community and the wider world. We believe having a heart for the nations is vital for a healthy growing church. With many new Christians, mostly from totally non-Christian backgrounds, we are aware of our need for more mature Christians able to disciple and help others.


MBCC is characterised by:

  • Orthodox theology with doctrine and ethics founded on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ

  • A church life that is welcoming, relational, multi-cultural and for all generations, that builds family & community

  • Bible-based preaching, teaching, & training that is inspired, relevant, and which equips for everyday life and ministry

  • Inspiring worship that is meaningful and sincere and which facilitates encounter with God

  • Anointed leadership that is visionary, humble, faithful, courageous and which releases members into their God-given ministries

  • Spirit-empowered mission that is evangelistic, holistic, Kingdom-centred and concerned with justice and care for the needy

  • Personal growth & discipleship that trains and equips to live, act and breathe God's kingdom and equips others to do the same

  • Every-member ministry that discerns each person's calling and which expresses God's love through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit  

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